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As large companies grow and acquire entrepreneurial and innovative companies, we see how true innovation fades. Their objective becomes focussed on profits, financial growth, and own shareholder value, while customer satisfaction and addressing true customer needs are shifted aside. More often than not, their value to their customers wavers over time as they no longer deliver real value. At max their offering “comply”, but seldom moves an industry forward.

It takes an“Uber” moment for an industry to wake up and realise that they have not paid attention to what can be, but only focused on what they have to offer. Their true competitors are not those other big industry leaders, but the innovative companies that appear from their blind spot. It is not good enough to drive the same old strategies anymore or the same bigger targets every year. In the process they forget who they do it for – they forget that we operate in the age of the Customer. This is no different for the Telecoms industry. This very evolved industry has reached a point where we believe the focus has shifted again from what customers want, to what providers like to offer.

The vanilla syndrome kicked in and it is time to shake things up… again. All disruptors are innovators, but not all innovators are disruptors! We don’t disrupt for the sake of shaking up an industry and turning all the rules upside down. We disrupt to create your success. We challenge the status quo because we don’t just accept what is being offered in the market. We continuously look for ways to disrupt the industry and delight our customers and prospects. We are obsessed with innovation. Not just innovation per se but innovating to create desire and amaze.

We exist to solve for our customers! Everything we do starts and ends with our customer!
That’s why we constantly challenge the status quo.

We always offer an alternative. We bring new thinking. We don’t believe in a “one size fits all approach”.
We are excellent at problem-solving and we are obsessed with our customer’s success!

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