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At Just IS, we redefine business services in the ICT landscape, catering to companies of all sizes, from small enterprises to corporations. Our comprehensive communication services are designed to facilitate effective interactions with customers, suppliers, and employees, ensuring optimal productivity at the most competitive costs.

Our Origin and Growth:

Born in the midst of the Covid era, Just IS has flourished with a basic philosophy and a strategic business model. Our mission is clear — to save our customers a minimum of 35% on their current business services, covering Connectivity (Fiber, Wireless, and LTE), Telephone, Mobile, and Printing. This cost-saving approach empowers our clients to upgrade services, fostering higher productivity with reduced overheads.

Just IS Goes Beyond Communication:

We go beyond conventional communication services. Recognizing the challenges of power disruptions, our tailored power backup and UPS systems combat load shedding and unscheduled outages. Power solutions are customized to your business needs, providing phased off-grid options.

Comprehensive Security Solutions:

With our CCTV offerings, you can keep a vigilant eye on your products and people, ensuring safety and performance alignment with evolving technology.

End-to-End Support:

At Just IS, we take care of your company at every step. We supply high-end IT equipment at fair prices, accompanied by on-site maintenance, extended warranties, and robust after-sales support. From laptops, servers, routers, switches to cables and network infrastructure, we’ve got you covered.

Building Trust and Relationships:

Beyond products and services, we focus on earning trust and building lasting relationships. Our goal is mutual success — to earn, save, and grow together with our customers, who over time, become patrons of success.

Choose Just IS for a holistic approach to ICT services, where your growth is our commitment.

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